Stouffville Igoma Partnership

The Stouffville Igoma Partnership is a humanitarian effort providing opportunities for local residents, service clubs, churches, schools and businesses to participate with a needy developing country in a meaningful way.

SIP is constantly undertaking projects to help our friends in Igoma. Igoma is a small town in the country of Tanzania which is located in East Africa. The extent to which SIP can help is directly dependent on money received through fundraising and donations.

In May of 1998, a team of 13 people from several churches in Whitchurch-Stouffville under the banner of Stouffville Missionary Church travelled to Igoma, Tanzania, Africa. They built a building that they believed would one day become a medical clinic.

In May 2003 another team returned to refurbish the clinic building, and sent a container with medicine, clinic furnishings and medical equipment to get the facility established and working in the community.

A board of directors for the Urafiki Health Clinic was established in country, and by August of 2003, a doctor was hired and working with other staff to offer medical services to the people of Igoma.

Back in Stouffville, a presentation was made to the town council to adopt Igoma as a “partnership” town. The idea was that Stouffville would find ways to support and build connections with the town of Igoma. The council approved the project unanimously, and in September of 2003, the Stouffville Igoma Partnership (SIP) began.

The project was publicly launched on December 28, 2003, at a nondenominational church service where over 1,000 people were in attendance.

In January 2006 SIP was approved as a Registered Charitable organization incorporated under the laws of Canada.

The SIP Committee is making presentations to service clubs, church groups and any other places where they are invited to show what we are trying to accomplish and how Whitchurch-Stouffville residents can play a part.

We are very excited for this opportunity for our community reach out and help the people of Igoma!