WhiStle Radio 102.7 FM

WhiStle Radio is Whitchurch-Stouffville’s very own radio station.

WhiStle Radio received a license from the CRTC to broadcast at 102.7FM. Their call letters are CIWS. They are a low-power 50 watt station with a range of covering the village of Stouffville. WhiStle Radio is governed by the CRTC’s Community Radio Policy.

WhiStle Radio is a not-for-profit, volunteer driven organization with a focus on local content.

The station’s programming is eclectic. Sometimes they’ll have speciality shows – shows that are pitched, developed, produced and hosted by volunteers in the community. The shows cover a wide spectrum, representing a diversity of views, interests, talents and ages.

During times when a speciality show is not on, they play a music mix that has a large Canadian Content. WhiStle Radio does not have a “format” in the usual sense, their format is “community”.